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    Feeling tired and sleepy? How many times you feel you didn’t have enough energy to do something you want to do? You are not alone; every 1 out of 4 persons suffers from tiredness in United States and Europe. According to NSF study, 25% of all women suffer from clinically significant daytime sleepiness. In this modern time, tiredness and sleepiness has become a plague.

    Tiredness and sleepiness is common to most people but to some it can be a more serious problem interfering with their daily lives. Common causes are boredom, infections or virus like fever and colds; emotional disorders like stress, depression and anxiety; sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea and even sleeping too much can cause tiredness and sleepiness. Weight problem can also result to tiredness and sleepiness, either you are too thin that you don’t have enough strength and muscles to do a certain task or over weight that you need to work harder to be able to move or do your daily task. Whatever the reason to your excessive tiredness and sleepiness, there’s nothing more frustrating than having things in your mind that you want to do and yet you don’t have enough energy to do it.

    Tiredness and sleepiness can be very disabling and a very serious problem. What if your work requires extra awareness and alertness like a bus driver? Feeling tired and sleepy during driving is very dangerous, there are reports that a big percentage of bus driver accidents are due to tiredness and

    sleepiness problem. Long term or chronic tiredness and sleepiness can affect your immune system and makes you prone to illnesses like heart disease, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pains and for women complicated pregnancy.

    What you need to do to get rid of tiredness and sleepiness? There are things you can do like:

    Get enough sleep, have at least 8 hours sleep. Improve your sleep by having a sleeping pattern. Go to bed and wake up on the same time everyday.

    Have a regular exercise but do not exercise 4 hours before bedtime.

    Coffee and caffeine is a stimulant and can boost energy if you need alertness but do not take too much coffee or avoid it before bed time to prevent sleeplessness at night.

    Energy drink is helpful and effective to some people to regain their energy.

    Healthy diet will give you the energy you need. Eat your breakfast and do not go to bed with an empty stomach but avoid eating too much before bedtime.

    Keep your body well hydrated and drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause tiredness.

    Don’t be a worrier. Its better if you can take things lightly avoid stress. If something is bothering you, get a piece of paper and write it down or talk to a friend.

    While there are things that you can do to avoid tiredness and sleepiness there are still people who get excessive tiredness and sleepiness without apparent reasons. Some have complete sleep and good diet and yet still feel tired. There are also people who only sleep for a couple of hours and yet claim they have no problem with tiredness and sleepiness.


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