Who is Deluxe Swap Set up For ?

Our economic system is in something of a mess.  Only a few people are getting the most from it.  

  Some thought their pension would cover their living expenses…

Perhaps others were laid off earlier than they thought they would be, and don’t have enough saved.

Millennials meanwhile have a major juggling act on their hands. Most of them early significantly less than their parents did at the same stage of life.  Then there’s the spectre of student debt and the cost of housing. 

For all these people regardless of age – Deluxe Swap works. 

 Can I participate in any swap.

Your swap range is based on the value of  what you offer rather than category.  That is why the search query and your profile is organised around bands of value – starting off at £ 500 – £1000 and rising through to £10,000.

You can search by both value ( priority 1)  and then category.

When I’ve found something I like what then?

On the informal side you connect and chat with the member whose offer interests you.  When both of your feel happy to take things forward you then go into the deal room and the transaction is formally recorded.  Our product is a blockchain-based product and designed to protect you in all circumstances. 

How do you verify the authenticity of member’s offerings and and members ability to do what they say they can do.

On the informal side many members come through personal recommendations.  Alongside this  members are required to abide by our verification procedures  when creating their first deal.

Services and qualifications are with a few exceptions easy for the community and our in-house team to verify. The higher value deals are also subject to more scrutiny than lower value deals – for obvious reasons.

For high value items and luxury goods,  we carry out  the same checks and balances you would expect from most auction houses and resellers of precious goods. It is the responsibility of the member to present the item and if needed  to pay for an assessor’s time.  To  authenticate a watch, for example, you need to take it apart and look at the movements.

Even so I’m not comfortable with the possibility of the other side not playing straight with me.

The set-up of  Swap2Shop is the first deterrent against fraud of all kinds.

Our quality control is that we  operate a very strict alert system.  Any complaints are recorded and investigated.  Two  complaints and the member in nine out of ten cases will lose their membership for good.

Being honest is therefore the only way in which members have access to the huge benefit of accessing the wealth of experiences and gains that Deluxe Swap/ Swap2Shop gives.

Last but not least part of the annual membership fee is allocated to the purchase of an insurance policy guarding against product  misrepresentation.



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