Our Approach

Become a member of Swap2Live and change your life.  Now you don’t have to skimp and save or have money worries any more.  Have a fabulous existence without stretching your finances.

Enjoy living through swapping.

Our Story


Swap2Live more or less drives a truck through the world of liberal economics and the idea that money defines you.

Our goal is to bypass the stranglehold of the banks and to create a new sharing economy – swapping services and possessions between ourselves.   In short, we want to rewrite the script by which fewer and fewer people can afford what they want.

Now –  for a small annual membership fee it’s possible to stretch your ‘buying power’ with very little expenditure.  The down payment you make for holidays,  professional services,  goods – in fact almost anything you can think of –  is accessible.  All that is needed is for you to offer something that another member wants.

Meet the Team

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Margharita Wailes Fairbairn

Founder & CEO

I’m a millenial type without fitting the age profile. I started off in academia doing a D Phil at Oxford and Berlin University. Then I migrated into television where I spent a happy 15 years working on and producing documentaries. After this I made a sideways move into editing and writing for a private membership magazine for billionaires. Another life, another time.

Today I’ve leapfrogged across into strategy work on behalf of a mutual insurance company. This current phase is more in tune with what I believe. I am fascinated by innovation and the future but I also want more people to feel they have a stake in a rapidly changing world. This is what drives the formation of Swap2Shop. As automation takes hold, the sharing economy is likely to be one way of ensuring that people can enjoy life to the full.

We envisage a rapidly evolving world where people have to be ever more flexible in how they use their skills and possessions: trading them on a peer-to-peer basis is one answer.

Graeme Thurgood

Vice President

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Fred Mazo


Fred is a near genius when it comes to digital and fintech technology. He started his working life at Reditum European Trading Room where he was employed as a trader specializing in European markets.

He is the founder of Mundobitcoin a Spanish website dedicated to provide education in technical analysis and high-end services for individuals and companies looking to trade with bitcoin digital currency.

He also set up Cryptor Trust’s whose aim was to invest in bitcoin and crypto-related assets and help other management teams understand digital currency in general. His interest in digital currencies stems from this belief that it is far more than a fad but rather the coinage of a future.

In 2010, Fred moved to London, UK. While in London he studied for his GIA diamond grading certificate which allowed him to trade diamonds internationally and he remains in the trading industry until today..

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