Destination / A New Way of Living  #

No more nights – fretting about your diminishing bank balance. When you join us you leave the old way of doing things behind.

Our vetted community allows you to do what you want without having to spend thousands of pounds.  Instead for a small nominal fee ( a percentage) of the real world cost you can exchange services and move around the world to your hearts content.  .  It’s a win-win for everyone. 

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Swapping / Is the New Shopping  #2

Keep the money you have on what cannot be swapped.  You know what I mean?  Important things like pensions,  health insurance and, maybe, taxes.

Dreams can become realities. Your inner nagging voice can jump off that cliff never to be heard again.   The previously  impossible is suddenly doable.

It’s financial freedom and discipline combined.  You can have the garden re-design or take that holiday and still save for the future.  So get connecting and leverage your life to new heights.

All that is needed is for you to offer something that another member wants. Post, Browse, Swap.

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Maybe you are a brilliant interior designer or garden designer.  Or maybe you have incredible technological skills.  

Great!  We need you. Several members  will be thinking about improving their homes either because they have been thundering up and down the stairs for years – or because  they’ve just moved in and want the house to reflect them.

More to the point:  Deluxe Swap is entirely agnostic when it comes to what you do.  Members need accountants.  They need legal advice as well.   They like top chefs and event planners.  The one exception might be if you are a funeral director.  Sorry for that. 

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Deluxe Swap in Action 

 Meet Charlotte.  We think she’s one of the luckiest thirty year olds in Paris. With the help of her parent’s she’s bought  a wonderful flat. BUT ,  otherwise she’s skint. SIGH.   So how can she sort out her garden and get it ready for the long summer days? 

 Enter smooth Max.  He’s already won a few prizes for his incredible design skills.  Might he agree to do her garden in return for being able to stay at the flat for three weeks when Charlotte joins her parents in the South of France?

 Then there’s Harry.  He’s in despair.  He divorced last year and has two kids at boarding school.  Cash is pretty tight and he’s got a new girlfriend whom he’d like to marry.  He’s got a hip art gallery in Shoreditch and decides to put up one of the paintings up on the platform in the hope that a wedding photographer might do a swap with him. 

Meantime Harry’s father is in early retirement.  Suddenly he’s wondering whether he might have to start setting aside a little more money to help out his grandchildren and then there’s the uncertainty over how long he will live.  

On the other hand,  before the days of low interest rates he’d imagined a carefree lifestyle.  Not wishing to sacrifice his ambitions,  he trades several bottles of his investment wine for a great holiday.   With one successful swap behind him,  he’s now advertising himself as a business counsellor trading in hours for new experiences elsewhere. 



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